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About Us

The company has been manufacturing high-quality “Chikki” since 2005 in Navsari, Gujarat, INDIA. Under the name of “MATAJI CHIKKI” and branded as “MATAJI CHIKKI” since 2017 under the new brand name “NUTRITIUS”
Our company’s key objective still remains intact, which is to produce premium quality food that can be healthy and pure. We firmly believe in quality at all stages of manufacturing Chikki with good taste keeping consumer trends in mind with both healthy and pure taste at the most affordable prices. Our focus has always been on delivering products and customer expectations.
We have a well-equipped plant with the latest and advanced technology engaged in manufacturing of our products of international quality, we also have a team of competent technicians, production and packing our customer most all the Indian high street mall and supermarket and Indian Tele-shopping channels.
All our chikki is manufactured in-house from the raw material, peanut roasting, cleaning, crushing, shorting of the best quality. Thus we are keeping in tune with international standards, all our products are free from synthetic color, favors, preservative, and nature gluten-free. We have an extensive flavor portfolio comprising of Crunchy peanut, Peanut butter, Crush, Chocolate peanut, Rajgira peanut, Sesame, Rajwadi, Rajgira, Kaju, Mix Dry Fruit Chikki, and many more.
Our Vast experience and dedicated commitment have already made us one of the leading and popular manufactures of Chikki in the country in a very short period of time.

Pure and Healthy

All our products are free from synthetic colors, chemicals, flavors, preservatives, and nature gluten-free.

Extensive Flavors

Crunchy Peanut, Peanut butter, Crush, Chocolate, Sesame, Rajgira, Kaju, Mix Dry Fruit Chikki, and many more…

15 Years of Experience

Our experience and dedication have already made us one of the leading & popular manufactures of Chikki.